Is it necessary to have both 22x22 and 24x24 icons?

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Mon Nov 5 12:21:02 UTC 2012

Le 5 nov. 2012 à 09:56, 神癒礁湖 (Rafael Laguna) <rafaellaguna at> a écrit :

> The use of 22 and 24 pixel icons depends on every program. Usually GTK3 apps should follow the user GTK configuration and use the choosen resolution (so we need to have both), but GTK2 apps can use 22 or 24 icons, either for buttons or toolbars, with control at all from the OS UI designer (so we have to make them both too).
> Usually 22 and 24 px icons are the same.

It is also useful for the icons on the panel. Having both you can have a panel size of 22 or 24 without visual differences

Julien Lavergne
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