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My compliments, it looks very nice, but will it work with the small screen
of a netbook? Actually i'm still with the moblin outfit (i like its 3d
similar icons and seems to me pretty useful in pcmanfm at a very little
scale) - and as wallpaper i'm using the Natty_bug.png.


2012/5/22 紳癒礁湖 <rafaellaguna at ubuntu.com>

> **
> Hi, guys and girls.
> I know there's a little "storm" out there about the governance. But I'm
> sure we're going to overcome this and arriving to an agreement. Anyway, our
> labour still go and, as said in Spain, "we take the bul by the horns"
> (sorry for the topic [image: :D]). The Artwork Team is still working.
> We're developing a new icon theme, improving the GTK and Openbox themes,
> pre-sketching the wallpapers, and profilling the community wallpaper pack.
> Once released some "beta" wallpaper I'll post a poll for choosing the
> preferred one by all of us (pseudocracy or democrazy, you know).
> Here's how Id like the new Lubuntu look like:
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/rafaellaguna/7216697940/in/photostream
> Hope you like it. Must know that this is a GTK3 mockup theme, you'll nkow
> that it's definitie look won't be exactly like this. We cannot get rid off
> the GTK2 libraries yet.
> Cheers!
> PS. You must know that our ex-boss, Julien Lavergne will help me to
> package some DEBs for the mentioned artwork pieces. So we're still in good
> hands.
>   --
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> Go to Lubuntu.net] <http://www.lubuntu.net>
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