Could we follow the Code of Conduct of Ubuntu mailing lists?

Mika Suomalainen mika.henrik.mainio at
Sat Jun 16 16:43:38 UTC 2012

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On 16.06.2012 18:47, Ali Linx (amjjawad) wrote:
> Yeah, it did. caused a disabled user to leave.
> Not only Lance (AKA kansasnoob 
> <> on UF) who left, I
> left too for 2 weeks or so then I had to join for something can't
> remember what.
> I'm about to leave again because such useless and unnecessary
> wasting of time argument are pushing me so hard and leave me with
> no other choice but to leave and this time once and for all.
> I have sent many important emails (well, at least IMO important)
> and I have received NOTHING as a reply OR I have received a totally
> different question which has NOTHING to do with my original email,
> and the list goes on...
> This, IMHO which NO ONE apparently is taking it seriously, MUST
> I have made it extra clear the last time the top/bottom post
> useless argument started and I'm going to write it one last time: 
> Please, finish the necessary and important argument rather than
> wasting everyone's time with such stuff.
> If this will never stop, this is the last email that you will
> receive from me on this list.
> Peace!
> P.S. Example? When I have asked who is in charge of Lubuntu
> Development and clearly was asking whether Julien is still in
> charge (changed his mind or something) or not? I simply got NO
> answer at all.
> More examples?
> On Sat, Jun 16, 2012 at 7:33 PM, Phill Whiteside
> <PhillW at <mailto:PhillW at>> wrote:
> Amazing how often this pop's up on mailing lists.
> Amazing how people find it hard to remove the unnecessary parts of
> mails they are replying to before they send them.
> Anything to keep an argument going I guess.
> regards
> Piskie
> Yeah, it did. caused a disabled user to leave. IMHO, if your mail 
> client can't handle the 'wonderful' way that different systems
> send email... maybe it's time to look at your mail client. :P
> Regards,
> Phill. P.S. I'm biased, as he happens to be a great tester for
> *buntu, and added lubuntu to his systems he tests. -- 
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May I ask you three to read the original message and answer to the
points? The first reply removed the original message and after that
nothing has been said on topic.

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