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Sun Jun 10 13:14:22 UTC 2012

Hello Lubuntu Comms team,

my name is Daniel McGuire and I live in Wales in the UK. I joined 
because I was interested in spreading the word of Lubuntu across the 
Internet, this is something I am going to tackle head on as I am already 
working on a Lubuntu based site with another member the Lubuntu Comms team.

Being only 17 my expertise in any field is not mind blowing but I am 
currently studying ICT at the highest possible level in college and this 
gives me the opportunity to use the skills I have learnt there in the 
world of Lubuntu. I first plan to use my web design and development 
skills to further progress my first project.

The project I am currently working on is a website completly based on 
Lubuntu. Since we already have many other great sites for other 
distributions we thought there should be a whole site dedicated to the 
light weight Lubuntu distribution, and as a result "WOW Lubuntu" was 
born. We are very much in the teething stages of the site but its 
development is growing rapidly! We are always open to any new fresh 
ideas that will help the development of "WOW Lubuntu" and we are always 
happy to receive support for the site. A site like WOW Lubuntu will 
hopefully give Lubuntu the same publicity as OMG Ubuntu has for Ubuntu. 
A link for the team projects will be at the bottom of this email.

As Amjjawad (the founder of WOW Lubuntu) says: "WOW Lubuntuis a project 
created to enlighten the whole world with the power of Linux generally 
and Lubuntu specifically and tell the untold story about a unique system 
that could breath a new life into an ancient machine instead of 
breathing the dust somewhere in the dark". We really don't want any old 
machine to sit in corner and collect dust, we want anybody who thinks 
their PC is too old to breath new life into it by installing Lubuntu. 
This can only be achieved by showing off how brilliant Lubuntu is, this 
is our goal for WOW Lubuntu, and we want everybody to know it.

Teams I have joined:

"Lubuntu Comms" Team
"Lubuntu Support" Team

I am proud to be part of all these team and I hope to hear from some of 
you soon.

Team Projects:

Thanks for reading

Daniel McGuire
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