lubuntu issues

paul sutton zleap at
Sun Jul 15 11:00:45 UTC 2012


A few issues i have come across with lubuntu

1. Is this an XFCE issue,?  I want to right click on the desktop and
create a new folder.  I can understand the reason why this would not
work as it prevents the desktop being cluttered however I generally save
stuff to the desktop or ease of finding it later then move it,  saving
to a folder means that multiple attachments to say e-mails can be saved
in 1 place

2.  The dialogue box that comes up regarding networking has in there "do
not show this message again"  this however seems barely readable,  i
never even noticed it said that before as in didn't even see that part
of the dialogue box,  is this a font colour issue ?

these are not serious issues,  i can work around them,   but just
thought there could be solutions out there.




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