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Jens has not been slow on the link that Julien passed onto the comms team &
has secured an agreement with Swapnil ( to
publish up a weekly digest of Lubuntu.

The nice thing is that they both totally agree on the 'story behind the
story' is the best way to advertise ourselves. To this end, three questions
were asked:

1. Current development, new features being added. - Lubuntu Software Center
for 12.04.
2. Design changes/improvement.
3. Team working on the project.-  has
the list of the sub teams that make up the lubuntu. Each of these sub-teams
has a team leader / co-ordinator. The respective heads can be found on the
launchpad pages for each sub-team.

The comments in red are mine, can the devs please flesh out 1) and 2),

The other 'bad' news? The 'may need the team leaders / co-ordinators' to
give an interview about their role & what makes lubuntu the flavour they
chose is no longer a 'may'. Jens will be arranging to carry out interviews
- most likely on a quiet IRC channel with each of you (oh, and that does
include me). The interview with Jens will probably be carried out by Swapnil
To stop the others laughing, don't worry - they also want interviews with
others on the sub-teams and general users of lubuntu who are advocates. It
is planned that the interviews would be one person per week.

As all of this is under the creative copyright system, so all works done
can be used by any medium that does not wish to claim copyright (which is
most of the linux scene :) )

And, finally, for anyone wondering why Jens isn't sending these emails it
is because he is real busy in RL at the moment. As such I have agreed to be
his secretary and general admin person, so we have a chat, he formulates
the plan and I write the email :D



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