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Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at
Thu Jan 12 19:55:03 UTC 2012

On 01/12/2012 08:28 AM, Phill Whiteside wrote:

> with regard to point 3) My personal preference is that at least 1 person
> from each of the other teams joins the support team mailing list, thus
> removing the need for cross-posting

+1.  Please avoid crossposting :)

My suggestion is that informal "chatter" among the team can happen in
IRC on Freenode in #lubuntu-offtopic, or in private email if it needs to
be asynchronous.  That way, the new lubuntu-support at
list can be only for support-related discussion, stuff like: "I think
*this* issue is a FAQ, has anyone else been asked something like this?",
or "Help, I don't know the answer to *that*, but I think it matters, any
ideas on a solution or workaround anyone?".

If this kind of structure goes ahead, so the support list is low volume,
I'll volunteer to join the support team as a representative of the Dev team.

>> 1) Finalize a list of venues the Support Team will monitor (forums,
>> IRC, mailing lists, etc), and officially list them on
>> (either on the download page or the about page); i.e. info about
>> Lubuntu or the download, where to find documentation, and where to
>> find support.

seems to be "official documentation already"... does it need to be
changed?  If it is correct, link to it from .

Regarding having a visible tracking list of currently
important/unanswered/might be a FAQ kinds of support issues, I'd suggest
a wiki page would be a logical medium for the team to use to maintain
such a list.

[Aside: I know I'm not on IRC in #lubuntu much at all these days, but I
do still care about Lubuntu and supporting it, it's just "real life"
getting in the way somewhat. ]


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