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Hello Phill and Everyone :)

For me to understand things even better, aren't we talking about: Forum,
IRC and Mailing List Support? just like this: ?
Am I right?

If so, then:
1- A new mailing list for this team which will be used for the team member
to discuss, organize, etc etc.
2- Whenever needed, the general mailing list will be used.
3- Key players in this team will be:

a- Team Leader OR Co-ordinator for the whole team who will organize with
other sub-teams
b- Someone who knows the forum better and will organize everything on that
c- Someone who knows the IRC better and will be in charge of that area
d- Someone who will take care of the mailing list
e- People from different sub-teams to join - one member is enough from each
team but it is NOT a must since the Team Leader or the Co-ordinator will
arrange that anyway.

Now, there is no need to have all those persons. One person could do all
the above. These more like tasks then positions.

Now, I'd like to propose that publicly.
Since my most activities on the forum and since I'm very close to new
comers more, I'd like to propose a new position called:
*Lubuntu Absolute Beginner Contact (LABC)* and I'd like to be that one. No
need for Sub-Team as of now, no need to new mailing list, I'll be every
possible where to help New Comers to the maximum and I can do that alone.
Since I have joined 3 sub-teams so far, that would be even easier for me to
help those.

I have sent a request to join the Support Team. This is the BEST area where
I can give more than anyone could imagine :P

Whether I'll be in charge of the whole team or not, that will not change
the fact that I'll do what I do best whether I'm a leader, a member or
whatever it's. However, just to be fair and clear, The Forum is the BEST I
can do, period. I know much more about it and all of you know that already.
If you trust me enough and want me to lead that team, it's my pleasure and
I'm honored. If you think I don't fit there, that will not change the fact
that I'll keep rocking the forum ;)

Now, approve me please :D


On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 8:07 AM, Phill Whiteside <phillw at> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> as Support Team could well be a meeting point of different support forums
> (ubuntu, lxde, askubuntu etc.), IRC channels (lubuntu, lxde etc.), general
> mailing list and any other means people help out it's taken me a little
> while to envision a structure for it. So, here goes my v0.1 attempt I am
> trusting you all to improve on it!
> 1) It does not have a 'Team Leader' in the usual sense of it, but a
> co-ordinator.
> 2) Due to the fact some people don't like Forums, some people don't like
> IRC and we are scattered across Time-Zones I suggest it is run by email.
> This then begs the question, is such a grouping going to replicate /
> detract from our mailing list or can it be a list where people can 'chat' -
> a bit like an offtopic IRC channel where support is done on support and we
> swap ideas / recipes / life in general?
> Your thoughts on the matter would be appreciated & please feel free to
> suggest something completely different that can accommodate all the various
> ways in which support is given.
> Regards,
> Phill.
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