[Lubuntu] Ubuntu One how-to for online backup/sync?

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I have been (successfully?) using Ubuntu One on Lubuntu 12.04, and
12.10.  The question-mark after "successfully" is because I have never
had the need to download from it to my machine.  I am using it for
offsite backup purposes.  

I didn't have to install anything, but I did install the "cryptkeeper"
package, so that I could create an encrypted folder within the "Ubuntu
One" folder, that is automatically synchronized between the 'cloud' and
your machine.  You simply copy the files you want to back-up into the
encrypted folder, which encrypts the files you copy.  

You do have to create an Ubuntu One account, but it's free if you use no
more than 5 gigabytes.  It would be easy to exceed the 5 gigabyte limit
if you don't watch it, and take action to avoid using more space than
you intended, so be careful.  

After firing-up cryptkeeper, I just copy the files I want to save into
that encrypted folder within the "Ubuntu One", and the system
automatically starts copying any new files to the web.  

Beware that upload Internet speeds are probably much less than download
speeds.  When I had 1.5 megabit Internet speed, the process of uploading
would totally use-up my Internet usage, and I couldn't use it for
anything else while uploading, which also took a long time.  

So maybe with that speed, it really isn't practical.  But with my
current 7-megabit Internet speed, it seems to work well (and I can do
other stuff on the Internet while uploading).  The upload speed seems to
be about what my download speed was back when I had 1.5 megabit speed,
but it's adequate for uploads of maybe 20 megabytes at a time.  It
doesn't seem to bog-down my machine too much while it's running.  

One advantage of using Deja Dup, is that it automatically encrypts, and
also compresses, so doing backups to your Ubuntu One folder is
reasonable, as long as you don't have so much to backup.  The downside
is that it will eventually automatically exceed your 5 gigabyte limit
(making it cost you money), without taking uncertain manual steps to
limit the space in your "Ubuntu One" folder.  

Ubuntu One seems to be implemented in Python (which is installed
automatically on all 'flavors' of Ubuntu).  

It does work on Lubuntu (as well as Ubuntu, and Ubuntu-Studio (XFCE)).
I don't know if it works on Kubuntu (KDE).  

I apologize for the long-winded response, but I hope my experience using
it is useful.  


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I wrote earlier about online backup, but now I'm wondering in particular 
about Ubuntu One, which is explicitly designed as a sync service rather 
than a backup service.  But that should serve well enough for many 
backup needs.

Has anyone set this up afresh on Precise or Quantal?  What packages do I 
need to install for full GUI usage?  Are there any work-arounds needed 
to get it behaving well?

Questions I'm not asking: 1) I read that Ubuntu One stores are not 
encrypted, but for my current purpose I don't need it. 2) I already 
created an account and don't need to know about that.

(I ask these questions because Ubuntu One is aimed at Ubuntu and 
Nautilus, and I read here, there and elsewhere about problems setting it 
up and getting the various pieces to work right with LXDE and Pcmanfm. 
But I have not seen a recipe or how-to anywhere for Lubuntu.)

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