Menu items disappear in Audacity 2.0.1 on Lubuntu 12.10

Hitesh Shah chimak111 at
Thu Dec 6 13:44:58 UTC 2012

Aere Greenway had posted here (
about how menu items disappear not just in T'bird but also Audacity:

"Yesterday, in using the "Audicity" application (an audio recorder/editor),
> I specified a change in "edit...preferences", and on hitting the "OK"
> button to make the change, almost all of the menu bar disappeared (only the
> first few letters of the "File" menu remained)."

I can reproduce this with Audacity 2.0.1 on Lubuntu 12.10. After making a
change in Edit, Preferences, all the menu items other than "File" disappear
and only "Fil" of "File" remains.
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