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I think this problem may be more widespread than just in Thunderbird

Yesterday, in using the "Audicity"  application (an audio
recorder/editor), I specified a change in "edit...preferences", and on
hitting the "OK" button to make the change, almost all of the menu bar
disappeared (only the first few letters of the "File" menu remained).  

I did notice it responded to Alt-F (to get the "File" menu), so it
appears to respond to keyboard access, but Audacity has a number of
unusual menu names (which are essential, yet I couldn't guess what keys
might be used to access them).  

So I terminated it, and on bringing it back up, the menu bar re-appeared

I am thinking this problem might be something a lot of applications are
being 'gifted' with from GTK3.  

One of the main reasons I now use Lubuntu is because of the
"disappearing menus" feature of the Unity desktop.  But now,
unfortunately, like a bad dream that you can't escape, it appears to be
coming to get me, even while using Lubuntu!  

I am seriously thinking of re-installing Lubuntu 12.04, and switching
back to that, in hopes that the problems with 12.10 eventually get
sorted out.  I already installed Lubuntu 12.04 on my daughters' machines
(rather than 12.10) for similar reasons (specifically, the loss-of-focus
problems with Java applications).  

My worst-case fall-back would be to switch to Ubuntu Studio 12.04 for
everything (not just audio-production).  That is a long-term-support
release, so it will last a long time.  



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Am Mittwoch, 28. November 2012, 13:18:12 schrieb Lars Noodén:
> On 11/28/2012 01:07 PM, Leszek Lesner wrote:
> > Am Mittwoch, 28. November 2012, 12:19:23 schrieb Lars Noodén:
> >> On 11/28/12, John Hupp <lubuntu at> wrote:
> >>> press Alt-F to see if the File menu appears.
> >> 
> >> I hadn't thought to try that, it does show the menus.  Very strange.
> >> They all disappear again when anything is pressed.  This makes
> >> Thunderbird usable but very awkward in that the keyboard must be used
> >> not just the mouse alone.
> > 
> > Perhaps thunderbird ships with a unity global menu plugin that keeps
> > activating itself.
> > Try to take a look in the addons manager and disable anything that stated
> > to be a global menu integration or unity integration.
> There were two add-ons that seemed related to Unity, but turning them
> off and restarting Thunderbird did nothing to affect the menus.
> Regards,
> /Lars

As I had some time now to check on it again here a possible solution: 

Seems to be a new "feature" to integrate menu in titlebar which can be 
disabled by disabling "mail.tabs.drawInTitlebar" from Preferences -> Advanced 
-> Gernal -> Config Editor 

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