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On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 4:38 AM, Szilveszter Farkas
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> So a bunch of people and businesses, who are involved with FLOSS in
> Hungary, plan to write an open letter to the prime minister
> questioning him about the situation. Is it okay for a LoCo to sign a
> letter like this? Or we should rather keep working, and avoid any
> political issues?
> I really hope you could help us with some ideas about the situation...
> We're a bit desperate, because we see other European governments
> switching to FLOSS solutions, and ours locking itself into the
> proprietary world even more.

We've had similar situations in India, especially with the OOXML and
patent issue gaining a backdoor entry.  In India the FSF-India is
usually lobbying for Libre software causes along with other
like-minded non-profit organisations. So try to get the FSF-Hungary
(if you have one in your country) to protest instead of involving the
ubuntu LoCo community. It would be easier to get FSF affiliated if a
dedicated team of people are behind it. You would need to check local
laws/procedures for registering an NP.


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