Getting into politics?

Martin Owens doctormo at
Sun Jan 18 00:46:20 GMT 2009

Hi Szilveszter,

It's a very interesting question, the concern of the people involved in
a LoCo, should I think be a matter for themselves. But, brining up the
name of Ubuntu LoCo into political questions seems a little more tricky.

If, I think, your team all agree without exception and the matter to
hand is one of great concern to FOSS and Ubuntu because of political
corruption or scandal. I see no reason why stating your affiliation
appropriately would be against any guidelines.

> Now, a few days ago another tender of the same value (25 billion HUF,  
> around 120M USD) was announced, and we were not surprised to see the  
> exact same wording like last year.
> So a bunch of people and businesses, who are involved with FLOSS in  
> Hungary, plan to write an open letter to the prime minister  
> questioning him about the situation. Is it okay for a LoCo to sign a  
> letter like this? Or we should rather keep working, and avoid any  
> political issues?
> I really hope you could help us with some ideas about the situation...  
> We're a bit desperate, because we see other European governments  
> switching to FLOSS solutions, and ours locking itself into the  
> proprietary world even more.

Though, unless you have a better government than the UK, I seriously
doubt a petition will get enough attention. Modern politics is far too
arrogant to take notice of politely reminding them of your views. I'd
get the media involved too.

Best of Luck, Martin Owens

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