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>> I really hope you could help us with some ideas about the situation...
>> We're a bit desperate, because we see other European governments
>> switching to FLOSS solutions, and ours locking itself into the
>> proprietary world even more.
> We've had similar situations in India, especially with the OOXML and
> patent issue gaining a backdoor entry.  In India the FSF-India is

You could try contacting FSF-Europe which might be able to guide you
better. As Jan mentioned there would be some minimum standards/legal
requirements that every government has to meet and the NGO
(non-government organisations) can help the cause of Libre software.
In India there are NGO's that work toward such public causes so its a
matter of finding the lawyers collective that understands Libre
software AND is sympathetic to the cause.

You also need the media on your, not the technical
journals...the "mainstream" media (print, radio and TV) has a lot more
reach potential so try and talk to a few of them who would be very
keen to help if one deals with them patiently and professionally while
explaining the upside of Libre software.  Try and explain how small
and medium businesses would have to shell out a lot more money and
keep comparative figures handy to quote from. With the economy going
south, governments/business houses will understand money-speak a lot
easier than philosophical aspects.

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