US Teams Mentoring Project IRC Metting

David Thomas dthomas at
Thu Sep 13 04:20:45 BST 2007

Aaron Toponce wrote:
> This is what I'm going after.  There will be #ubuntu-us-discussion for
> open chat on the current topics being discussed in #ubuntu-us.  An eye
> or two or three will be kept in that room, in case certain points should
> be brought up to the -us channel.  Keeping it moderated in -us will
> allow the person with their concern to voice it with little or no noise.
>  This is such a hot topic that I'm trying to minimize the heat from
> getting out of control.  And yes, this topic is already out of control.
>  If some CC could be present, that would be much appreciated.
> Thanks,
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> Aaron Toponce         ( )  ASCII Ribbon Campaign
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> Chuck Frain wrote:
>> The idea of a moderated chat I think is acceptable. There will be the
>> 'free-for-all' side chat going at the same time.
>> If this were the decision time I would argue for an open free chat. However
>> this seems more to get the basic framework of views out there and
>> discussed.  In any town hall type meeting I've been involved with it is
>> typically a committee hearing the views of one person at a time.
I'll be there

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