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Aaron Toponce aaron.toponce at
Wed Sep 12 21:55:39 BST 2007

This is what I'm going after.  There will be #ubuntu-us-discussion for
open chat on the current topics being discussed in #ubuntu-us.  An eye
or two or three will be kept in that room, in case certain points should
be brought up to the -us channel.  Keeping it moderated in -us will
allow the person with their concern to voice it with little or no noise.
 This is such a hot topic that I'm trying to minimize the heat from
getting out of control.  And yes, this topic is already out of control.
 If some CC could be present, that would be much appreciated.

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Chuck Frain wrote:
> The idea of a moderated chat I think is acceptable. There will be the
> 'free-for-all' side chat going at the same time.
> If this were the decision time I would argue for an open free chat. However
> this seems more to get the basic framework of views out there and
> discussed.  In any town hall type meeting I've been involved with it is
> typically a committee hearing the views of one person at a time.

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