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Christer Edwards christer.edwards at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 05:41:16 GMT 2006

This question is for the other LoCo contacts that are also ubuntu
members. (ie; those that have an @ubuntu.com email address).

I have no problem receiving email to my @ubuntu.com address as it is
forwarded thru the account I have registered in launchpad.  This goes to
my gmail account (this account) where I have also setup the option to
send-as the @ubuntu.com account.

My question is, how can I send-as ubuntu.com via a pop3 client?  I've
been using Evolution for some time now to manage my email.  Is this
possible or is there another method that I can use?  I'd like to be able
to send-as ubuntu.com for ubuntu related emails, but not have to visit
my web-based gmail account to do it.

Appreciate any tips, thank you

Christer Edwards
Founder, Ubuntu-Utah
christer.edwards at ubuntu.com

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