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This SFD and UBUNTU loco team Pakistan,
<>  / <>  


We believe this a great idea, we really needed such a pack and maybe more in
the future for our national free and open awareness campaigns on the
occasion of SFD 2005 and future activities. The pack should include: 

1.	A CD on which designs and .cdr, .psd, tiff etc formats are available
2.	Generic Slogan Banners (re-usable)
3.	Ubuntu/SFD Banners (re-usable)
4.	FOSS information Pamphlets
5.	FOSS Brochures
6.	FOSS CDs/DvDs
7.	T-shirts
8.	Sample conference or event agenda/schedule samples and management
guide including essay samples, sample projects, sample topics, community
9.	Loco team mobilization/formulation/management guide

If you visit <>  you will gain an idea
of how they manage themselves globally as a service organization so some of
the examples or guides can be utilized to construct guides.


Rest., everyone is doing a grand job, keep it up, we are looking forward to
the finalized conference pack.



Fouad Riaz Bajwa





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This is a great idea.  To be able to get a conference pack to help in our
promotion and evangelism of Ubuntu at local conferences would be very
welcomed.  This would certainly make putting together a professional looking
presence that draws in attendees a lot easier.   Who doesn't like swag ;-)  

Ideas?  What about customized content for different LoCo groups? Even if
just customized business card sized handouts with details about the LoCo


On 8/8/05, Jane Silber <jane.silber at> wrote:

Hi all,

We at Canonical are going to put a program in place to help out the
various LoCo teams.  What we are thinking of is having a "conference
pack" that gets sent to each LoCo team that would include a banner, 
maybe some t-shirts, and maybe some other small give-aways for
conferences (e.g., stickers). What else would you like to see us
provide?  (remember we can't do everything, so some rough consensus on
priorities would be helpful) 

I'm not sure yet how we will work the logistics of this - e.g., if we
sent out a pack once a year (for example) or if you ask us for stuff for
each conference.  If we send to the contact person of each team, can you 
then distribute and track within your group (e.g., the banner will
likely be a high quality, reusable one so someone needs to track it).
Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.

We are also trying to sort out a solution to providing servers for 
webhosting for each LoCo team. Will keep you posted on that.


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