bad font hinting firexof/thunderbird

Luca Olivetti luca at
Mon Dec 3 15:08:47 UTC 2018


here I am again with my periodic issue with font hinting (see here for 
the previous chapter

Recap: I like crisp fonts and hate blurry as well as ragged ones, so I 
use msttcorefont, arial (a font with good hinting) and disable aliasing 
between 8 and 15 pt. This usually gives me beautiful and crisp fonts, 
unless somebody breaks some of the font rendering libraries.

Last time it was the whole kde broken, today it's just 
firefox/thunderbird (and probably other gtk applications but I don't use 
any at the moment).

I'm referring to the application fonts themselves (menus, preferences, 
etc.), the content is *not* affected, unless it uses a badly hinted 
font, but that's what the ReFont extension is for ;-)

In the control center I can change the fonts for gtk applications and 
it's taken into account, so that's not the problem. The problem is that 
firefox and thunderbird don't use correct hinting.

I don't know which upgrade broke it, I restarted the pc today due to the 
new kernel, so it has to be one made between the last time I restarted 
the desktop (time unknown) and today.

I tried to follow this advice 
and activate layers.acceleration.force-enabled with no change whatsoever.

TIA for any "hint" (pun intended).


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