Issues with cdimage server

charlie home at
Thu Dec 6 14:59:11 UTC 2018

I'm pretty sure someone already knows this but the server doesn't seem to be working correctly. I downloaded the latest daily build to begin this weeks testing phase (my own schedule), and there's problems with the ISO. I created my startup disk as usual but upon restart, I get a big error box that says the installer's not working properly and I tried this three times and I got the same error each time. So now I've had to, *gulps hard*, reinstall windows 10 JUST to get a clean download of 18.04 from the main website for kubuntu and then make a startup disk just to get kubuntu back on my laptop. Ugh. And then try again with a new daily build of 19.04, which I've been testing. I sure dislike being away from the real world of Kubuntu.

Charlie Luna

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