mouse input issues.

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Wed Sep 10 00:16:06 UTC 2014

On 09/09/2014 04:54 PM, seawing wrote:
> Thanks Scott.  This behavior seems to be effecting any window that I
> have open. I don't believe that I have a mouse driver, and if I do it is
> pre-installed.  I am using a logitec wireless mouse.  I broke my only
> PS2 mouse right at the begining of this process so I don't currently
> have one to test with.  I do have a ps2 adapter that I will try.
> I am making it limp along by doing what I said earlier, dragging a tab
> in a window and dropping it makes all the areas active. as soon as I
> click on something, change to a different open application for example,
> then only the application buttons are active and the tabs and buttons in
> the window are not active.  I then grab one of those application
> buttons, like the Firefox or konqueror buttons and act like I am
> dragging them to the desktop, but then drop them back where they were
> and then all the buttons are active again.
> much have to shut down
> This mostly works until something happens where no buttons work and the
> only way to switch applications is to alt+tab.  This sometimes gets it
> unstuck.
> This morning instead of having a click problem I was having a white
> flashing screen.  I changed to the <> x server video
> driver and that went away.  I thought all of my problems were solved,
> but after half an hour of working the click problem came back. 
> I have disabled all the desktop effects, but that didn't help.
> I will try the ps2 adapter now.
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> On Tue, Sep 9, 2014 at 4:16 PM, Scott DuBois <sdubois at
> <mailto:sdubois at>> wrote:
>     On 09/08/2014 05:19 PM, seawing wrote:
>     > I don't think so because it is pretty specific.  I can click on some
>     > things and not others.  I can continue to click around tabs for
>     > instance, but not close or minimize the window.
>     >
>     Can you narrow it down to "certain" programs? Because right now the
>     little info to go on is just too broad to really nail something down.
>     Mouse drivers? Try a different mouse if you can. Have you tried
>     unplugging it then rebooting then plugging the mouse back in to be
>     re-detected?
>     If you have an adapter, try the PS2 port and see if that works.

Man, I would be throwing things and cursing with these kinds of
problems. Congrats for staying cool. :-)

Um, something someone once threw at me as a diagnosis tool is to create
a new "user" that is bare-bone and see if the problem goes away. Then we
can determine if the problem is user-settings related or global.

Good thinking about turning off all the eye candy! +1

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