Still 100% CPU when using Kontact.

Bas G. Roufs basroufs at
Sat Sep 21 08:41:21 UTC 2013

Hello Ole-Erik, Sinclair and Everybody,

> What version of Kubuntu and KDE are you using? When I upgraded to 4.11.1 I
> got lots of problems with search/nepomuk in both KDEPIM and on the desktop.
> I had to revert to 4.10.5 to get things working again.

Good that you tell this, Sinclair. I work with Kubuntu 13.04 along with KDE 
4.10.5. I have no 'backports'  open - taking into account your bad experience, 
I keep them closed for the time being.

As an experiment, I have given the system to chance to file-index the whole 
night. This has worked - I am writing now this mail via Kontact, while the  
CPU usage is varying between 30 and 90 % - most of the time, the usage is 
about 50% now. Only at some short moments, the CPU peaks at 100%. All this is 
OK anyway. However it may be - when closing and restarting the system, I will 
have the same problem again: I will need to let the system file index and 
updating e-mails for probably 15-30 minutes before being able to work with 

> As end user I changed to Google calendar for me and my family, after having
> had to use risky Outlook (and Explorer!) for a generation at my employer.
> That was after having tried to use Kontact for a period.

I recognise this experience. I also have been using Windows and Outlook from 
the late eighties until 2007. The experience with that stuff became worse and 
worse..... Now, I am using Google Calendar together with Kontact. During about 
2 years, this combination has worked quite well. However, I am experiencing 
some permission problems right now - I have written about it yesterday in 
another mail to this forum. At this moment, the Google calendar does not show 
up at all in the Kontact Kalendar.

Respectfully yours, 

Bas G Roufs, Utrecht, NL. 

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