Still 100% CPU when using Kontact.

Ole-Erik oeyrvin at
Sat Sep 21 07:26:28 UTC 2013

Hello Bas
As a forever newbie i see your problem. As end user I changed to Google calendar for 
me and my family, after having had to use risky Outlook (and Explorer!) for a 
generation at my employer. That was after having tried to use Kontact for a period.
I really do not know if this helps anything with hour CPU problem...
However, our life became much easier and the colors makes it very clear who's doing 
what and what we do together. Excellent. Works well with Kubuntu.
Ole-Erik Yrvin
Nittedal, Norway

Lørdag 21. september 2013 00.57.24 skrev basroufs at
> Dear Everybody
> > This mail I cannot send from Kontact, because the usage of CPU is still
> > 100% when using that PIM. Any clue how to use Kontact with less CPU
> > consumption?
> Now, I am using Kontact while writing this mail. I can add one thing to my
> message of yesterday - see above. The only 'workaround' I have found so far,
> is giving the system time to 'file index' while I avoid multitasking as
> much as possible.  With 'file index' I mean in this context: SYSTEM
> SETTINGS > Desktop Search > Nepomuk server configuration > tab 'Basic
> settings'. When I need to file index or to prepare Kontact for a working
> session, I 'check' the three boxes of the tab 'Basic Settings'. As soon as
> I do so, the CPU consumption skyrockets from about 30% till about 100%. As
> a matter of consequence, multitasking is nearly impossible until I UNcheck
> again the 3 boxes of the 'Basic Settings' tab in 'Desktop Search' - or,
> until I 'suspend file indexing'.
> In the first 15 - 30 minutes after starting to file index, writing an e-mail
> from Kontact is simply impossible. After those 15 to 30 minutes, I do
> manage to write this e-mail: however, while taking care NOT to use Firefox
> and/ or other CPU consuming stuff.
> I would appreciate feedback and ideas with a view to handle the problem
> summarised here in a more effective way.  Thanks,
> Bas G. Roufs.
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