Still 100% CPU when using Kontact.

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Sat Sep 21 05:31:00 UTC 2013

On 21/09/2013 00:57, basroufs at wrote:
> Dear Everybody
>> This mail I cannot send from Kontact, because the usage of CPU is still 100%
>> when using that PIM. Any clue how to use Kontact with less CPU consumption?
> Now, I am using Kontact while writing this mail. I can add one thing to my
> message of yesterday - see above. The only 'workaround' I have found so far,
> is giving the system time to 'file index' while I avoid multitasking as much as
> possible.  With 'file index' I mean in this context: SYSTEM SETTINGS > Desktop
> Search > Nepomuk server configuration > tab 'Basic settings'. When I need to
> file index or to prepare Kontact for a working session, I 'check' the three
> boxes of the tab 'Basic Settings'. As soon as I do so, the CPU consumption
> skyrockets from about 30% till about 100%. As a matter of consequence,
> multitasking is nearly impossible until I UNcheck again the 3 boxes of the
> 'Basic Settings' tab in 'Desktop Search' - or, until I 'suspend file indexing'.
> In the first 15 - 30 minutes after starting to file index, writing an e-mail
> from Kontact is simply impossible. After those 15 to 30 minutes, I do manage
> to write this e-mail: however, while taking care NOT to use Firefox and/ or
> other CPU consuming stuff.
> I would appreciate feedback and ideas with a view to handle the problem
> summarised here in a more effective way.  Thanks,
What version of Kubuntu and KDE are you using? When I upgraded to 4.11.1 
I got lots of problems with search/nepomuk in both KDEPIM and on the 
desktop. I had to revert to 4.10.5 to get things working again.


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