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O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Fri May 3 16:18:27 UTC 2013

After a disaster upgrade to 13.04 thought I share my experience and also 
ask a question.

For starters: the upgrade as such went smooth. It was when I rebooted 
the headaches started.. with plasma crashing on login, endless error 
messages, desktop looking weird and freezes.

I eventually found out that in kernel 3.6 or 7 and up to at least 2.8 
the vgaswitcheroo function is buggered. This is the one that assist us 
unlucky "hybrid graphics" owners to kill off one gpu or switch between 
them. In my case I either kill my AMD or watch my fan eating battery 
alive. AMD proprietaty drivers stopped working after 11.10 and yes I 
have tried Catalyst Legacy.

So OK thought perhaps I could live with that after a looong first login 
I have to log out and then on second login things look kind of normal.

Then I discover that the Brodacomm wireless driver has gone buggered 
since upgrade and I can not downgrade. Any new wifi connection refuses 
to work.

That is where I gave up and reverted to my trusty Remastersys created 
12.10 KDE 4.10.0 custom install usb.

My question is now: I do not want to upgrade to 4.10.2 via backports PPA 
as it has issues in KDEPIM but want to only go to 4.10.1 . Does anyone 
know of way of doing that?

For me with AMD/Intel hybrid graphics and Broadcomm wireless 13.04 is a 
no-go, will have to wait for 13.10 and see what happens.

Best regards,

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