Acer aspire v5-571p-6815 Kubuntu install

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On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 12:45 AM, Alvin <info at> wrote:

> On Sun, 04 Nov 2012 15:14:18 +0100, L V Gandhi <lvglist at> wrote:
>  I purchased the above laptop with win8 and touchscreen today. When I
>> checked disk management I found that it already have 4 primary partitions;
>> 1)500 mb  recovery,
>> 2) 500 mb for  EFI
>> 3) 687gb  for running win8 and
>> 4) 11.5gb for recovery partition.
>> Though I can install Kubuntu in virtual machine, is there any possiblity
>> of
>> dual booting keeping recovery partitions as I do not want to forego
>> warrenty. Any one has installed dual booting in such a system?
> I suppose these are GPT partitions? In that case, you should be able to
> split the win8 partition. I've never heard of a voided warranty because one
> removed the 'recovery partition'.
> - Recovery for what? Certainly not disk crashes.
> - It's 12 GB. Might be not that much nowadays, but still. It's 12GB.
> - In a month, your recovery partition will be outdated.
> - Isn't that partition full of crapware?
> The chance that your Acer will break within the warranty period is very
> high. Believe me, I sold Acer years ago. There are a few Acer notebooks
> that I never saw again, but most broke fairly soon. It's in your best
> interest to keep an external backup. If you want some sort of recovery, I
> can recommend Clonezilla. It's even a boot option of
> If you want to play it very safe:
> - Take an image of the whole *disk* now.
> - Format and install as you like. When you make a mistake, restore the
> image.
> - If everything is ok, make another image. Either the whole disk, or the
> separate Windows and Linux partitions. That'll be a more useful recovery
> image.

My experience with acer is good. I have netbook from acer bought on 2008
still working nicely.
Present products have good review from custoimers from all sites like
amazon, bestbuy etc.

coming to my problem my laptop is having GPT partitions as you rightly
suggested. It has EFI system partition for boot. My kubuntu 1204 cd could
not boot when my BIOS was in UEFI boot mode. When I changed it to legacy,
it could boot. After booting cfdisk could not see partitions because of GPT.
When I tried taking image using mercurium reflect in DVD, I get message
that DVD formating could not be done. But I could play music and boot
KUBUNTU in legacy BIOS mode.
As You suggested, I will try clonezilla.
L V Gandhi
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