Does KMail2 work better in 12.04

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Hello Anton and everybody,
> > Now my question: does anybody still use KMail2 and if yes,
> > does it work now in 12.04.
Yes - I do use Kmail/ Kontact - it functions well enough, but still has some 
rough edges. A few days ago, I upgraded from Kubuntu 11.10 to 12.04. So, here, 
I share my first impressions.

> KMail is now working very well for me, using IMAP to GMail.

So far, KMAIL  in Kubuntu 12.04 seems to work better then in Kubuntu 11.10 - 
eg. fetching large quantities of e-mail messages seem to function better. 
I also use (online and offline) IMAP to GMAIL.
I think, you can use IMAP also with GMX.
> As an experiment, I switched the Akonadi backend from MySQL to SQLite, and
> this has made KMail feel subjectively smoother. Prior versions didn't handle
> SQLite so well, but those problems appear to be fixed.
One of the "rough edges" I refer to, is the intense CPU usage by a few 
processes when using Kontact - MySQL is one of them. So, please, Steve explain 
me how I could switch to "SQLite". 

Thanks, respectfully yours,


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