Does KMail2 work better in 12.04

Anj Tuesday anj.tuesday at
Tue May 1 21:53:14 UTC 2012

Am Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012, 22:49:18 schrieb Anton:
> Hi,
> I used KMail since I uses KDE (first Suse then Kubuntu).
> But starting with KMail2 in Kubuntu 11.10 I got
> to much problems and I switched to Thunderbird.
> Now my question: does anybody still use KMail2 and if yes,
> does it work now in 12.04.
> Thanks
>   Anton

Not the way I usually do email - by letting fetchmail & postfix 
daemons feed /var/mail/username with mail from my various POP3 
account, and letting my mail client (Kmail in this case) look for 
it there and only there (that is, it doesn't connect to anything 
"outside" my PC in order to find mail).

I still get the usual series of freakout popups about external 
programs modifying the mbox and about backups being made just in 
case, and I don't think it properly deletes retrieved mail from 
the mbox (though perhaps setting the compression interval from
50 to 1 might help there). 

KMail does work for me if I set up POP3 resources from within KMail 
and use the /var/mail/username mbox spool thing strictly for local 
mail (which I never get, what with me living alone). 

But when I work like that I can't as easily try out different mail 
clients or resort to console clients because there's so much more
setting up to do than when all my mail just automatically ends
up in /var/mail/poor_little_me. 

So basically I don't like the way KMail (Kmail2, that is, it wasn't
a problem before and isn't a problem for Thunderbird or Evolution
or (etc.)) makes me work, but I still like the interface and 
general simplicity of KMail.



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