Canonical pulls the plug on Kubuntu

Jonathan Riddell jriddell at
Tue Feb 7 23:36:32 UTC 2012

> kubuntu uses the
> same repositories as ubuntu. it is mainly ubuntu with KDE instead of
> GNOME. as i understand

Kubuntu is an Ubuntu flavour which comes with KDE Software.  Ubuntu
[Desktop] is another flavour which comes with Unity and other

> how
> important is their work, compared to the many other community developers?

We are going to find out.  But 11.10 was released without a Canonical
staff member working on it so that's a good sign.

> and in all cases, KDE is developed by KDE developers, the work done here
> is modifying some stuff to be ubuntu-ish, and packaging... then again,
> isnt some of that already done in debian before ubuntu, or is KDE a
> special case, and gets imported from KDE directly, without going through
> debian?

The Kubuntu team packages KDE Software.  Our KDE packages are
typically based on Debian packages but are usually more up to date.
Packaging is most of what we do along with plenty of testing, some bug
fixing and a bit of feature development.


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