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Mon Feb 6 20:12:15 UTC 2012

On 6 Feb 2012, at 19:56, Valter Mura wrote:

> In data sabato 4 febbraio 2012 11:28:16, Mark Greenwood ha scritto:
>> On 4 Feb 2012, at 06:09, Steve Riley wrote:
>>> On 2012-02-03 23:34:00 Mark Greenwood wrote:
>>>> C'Mon peopleā€¦. email is over 40 years old. It's no longer rocket science,
>>>> it's an everyday activity. If it's this difficult to configure a client
>>>> then something is very wrong with the client in terms of fundamental
>>>> design. This shouldn't be tolerated in something which is released for
>>>> general use. Shame on you, Kubuntu.
>>> Well, I wouldn't be so quick to fault Kubuntu. Were I to engage in a bit
>>> of
>>> blamestorming, I'd throw some in Google's direction. If their IMAP were,
>>> oh I dunno, _standard_ or something like that, then maybe we wouldn't
>>> have so many problems.
>> Works fine with Thunderbird and Apple Mail. And I don't think the fact the
>> account wizard doesn't work, or the fact you have to do a sync, close
>> KMail, then reopen it change yet more settings can be blamed on Google.
>> Like I said. In Apple Mail and Thunderbird the setup procedure is : Enter
>> email address and password. That's it. That's how it should be these days.
>> Setting up KMail is like setting up email used to be in 1990. It's not good
>> enough, and KMail used to be really good indeed. KDE4 seems to have so much
>> emphasis on superficial bells and whistles while anything approaching
>> functionality has been left till last. It really has all gone a bit
>> Windows.
> Mark, you're right and I agree with you. I have TB setup and ready to use 
> (just in case...)
> But, as Kmail is KDE native, and I work in the localization team, and I need 
> to try the Kde apps to check them and to file bugs, and also because I like 
> Kontact and Kmail, I "do want" to use them, even if I have to struggle for 
> their use and to understand and help, if possible, the other users in the use.

You're right and I agree entirely. I want to use them too, but in their current state I just can't. It's frustration on my part that Kubuntu never seems to provide a stable platform, there is always something wrong somewhere. I'd love to be able to recommend Linux to friends and family but in 4 years I've never found any single release (of any distro) that I felt I could just let people get on with. It's got so much going for it, all it needs is some serious quality control - and I guess as that's my profession that's why I feel so let down.


> Of course, I cannot suggest Kmail for production use at its current state, at 
> work people cannot permit to lose mails or wait hours after an upgrade.
> That said, after Steve's suggestions, the system started to work quite smooth 
> and fast, even if I dedicated 350 MB of 1 GB RAM to Nepomuk, and I have an 
> "ancient" system (PIV 2.8 ghz / 1 GB Ram / 512 MB video card).
> One thing that TB has and for which I want to file a wish for Kmail, is the 
> possibility to decide how many months the program must check and sync the 
> server's mail.
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