11.04: KUbuntu vs Ubuntu_+_KDE - (Dis- &) Advantages ; gre

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Mon May 16 07:43:09 UTC 2011

In recent KUbuntu releases, there have been problems reported with using
a system based on installing KUbuntu directly -
perhaps to some system services, like sound, network manager, wifi,
apt-updating, or the file system tools.  Some people had reported more
success by installing Ubuntu, then adding on the KDE system.  

[Although, that also creates some (minor?) problems, like unnecessary
extra duplicative sw installed, extra start menu categories/items, etc.]

Now that 11.04 has been out a while, & has had a chance to stabilize a
bit more, has information been collected about these issues wrt this
latest release?

For a system that will be used only with the KDE (ie not Ubuntu default
= GNOME/Unity) desktop:

What are the
1) Advantages, &
2) Disadvantages

to creating a KDE system in Ubuntu 11.04 using the two approaches:
A) Install KUbuntu directly, versus
B) Install Ubuntu, then add in the KDE system?

Has anyone tried both ways, & tested them out?

Thirdly, for a 
quad core desktop system
2 x -  Two (2) TB   (=  4TB total)  disk drives
to be used for home / office / SW_Development tasks,

3) What is your _recommendation_, given the relative advantages &
disadvantages, of the choice to use in installing the system, method A
or B?

Thanks.  :)

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