natty: no KDE desktop

D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Thu May 12 04:41:47 UTC 2011

I just upgraded my main machine (64-bit) from maverick to natty. There were
no errors in the upgrade.

Now when I log in all I get is a completely black screen, along with a
visible mouse cursor and a couple of buddy-list windows (for gaim and
skype). There is no background, none of my widgets, no panel, and clicking
any mouse buttons on the the black desktop background does nothing at all.
Minimizing the buddy-list windows causes them to disappear. Maximizing them
causes them to occupy the entire screen (not just the part of the screen
they would have occupied had there been a visible panel).

I've tried renaming ~/.kde and ~/.kderc, but that had no effect.

What can I do to get a functioning desktop? (Preferably something close to
the one I had in maverick, but right now after spending several hours and
getting nowhere, just a regular ol' default KDE desktop would be great

I'm writing this from xfce, since at least that works.



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