Problems with Kubuntu 11.04 so far.

Clay Weber claydoh at
Tue Jun 7 22:59:40 UTC 2011

On Tuesday, June 07, 2011 06:08:53 PM Mark Fraser wrote:
> I've been running 11.04 since Saturday and have already come 
across some
> serious problems:
> 1) Konqueror no longer integrates with KFind in that Ctrl-F doesn't 
> anything. Dolphin will only search in folders that are indexed with
> Nepomuk.

That is a KDE decision, there should have been an option maybe to be 
able to use kfind. Though kfind is still available, of course. You can 
install this servicemenu
From within dolphin's configuration - no idea if it will work with Konq, 
my guess is it should as both are using the same backend bits.

> 2) Ark no longer opens .deb files. Complains that it doesn't know 
> compression type.
Hmm. I have always had to to tell ark what type of compression a deb 
file has - tar bzip is what you would select iirc. Though I have not used 
ark to do this in a long time. It *is* a rare use-case, perhaps filing a 
bug report would be worthwhile as it should e a simple fix.

> 3) Audio CDs are recognised as CD-ROMs which means there is no 
choice to
> rip the audio.
Again, perhaps a bug report would be useful here
oops already done at least once:
Also seems to be a cross-distro issue.

> 4) Firefox keeps forgetting installed add-ons.
I don't see this in 2 installs/2 upgrades

> 5) Something odd happening with configuring Phonon in System 
Settings. If
> you try to configure Phonon, the Apply button is highlighted before 
you do
> anything. If I then go to Speaker Setup, the sound card is my 
webcam. If I
> go back to the main page and then back to Speaker Setup there is 
now no
> sound card available.
On my one box with a webcam attached I cannot reporduce this, other 
than it had the webcam mic as the soundcard - as I had set it to be in 
my case.

Clay Weber 

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