Problems with Kubuntu 11.04 so far.

Mark Fraser ubuntu at
Tue Jun 7 22:08:53 UTC 2011

I've been running 11.04 since Saturday and have already come across some 
serious problems:
1) Konqueror no longer integrates with KFind in that Ctrl-F doesn't do 
anything. Dolphin will only search in folders that are indexed with Nepomuk.

2) Ark no longer opens .deb files. Complains that it doesn't know the 
compression type.

3) Audio CDs are recognised as CD-ROMs which means there is no choice to rip 
the audio.

4) Firefox keeps forgetting installed add-ons.

5) Something odd happening with configuring Phonon in System Settings. If you 
try to configure Phonon, the Apply button is highlighted before you do 
anything. If I then go to Speaker Setup, the sound card is my webcam. If I go 
back to the main page and then back to Speaker Setup there is now no sound 
card available.

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