Changing Desktops

Nils Kassube kassube at
Sun Aug 28 11:21:10 UTC 2011

Bill Vance wrote:
> Is there a way to switch between multiple desktops from the
> keyboard?  My mouse is slow and cranky enough to be a real
> PITA at times.

Then perhaps you should consider to get a new mouse? After all that's 
only a few bucks to avoid the PITA.

But to answer your question: The shortcuts Ctrl-F1 etc. are preset to 
switch to the desktops with the associated number. You can change the 
settings if you right-click on the pager and select "Configure Virtual 
Desktops…". Select the "Switching" tab and at the bottom you can set the 
shortcuts. Well, that's how it works with 10.04, but of course things 
have changed if you use 11.04. Then you right-click the pager and select 
"Pager Settings". Select "Virtual Desktops" at the left and there you 
find the "Switching" tab again.


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