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Damon Fryauff damoncf5x3 at
Sat Aug 27 18:44:49 UTC 2011

I had something very similar with a small mouse I had plugged in. I still
don't know why it was doing that but a full sized wireless mouse worked fine
so I use that when I need a mouse. I would have to unplug the mouse every
time I needed to switch windows. I didn't try it with Ubuntu.
On Aug 27, 2011 2:00 PM, "Waleed Hamra" <kubuntu-users at> wrote:
> On 08/26/2011 08:40 PM, Till Nocher wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I use a freshly installed kubuntu 11.04 64-bit on a Medion
>> P6620 Notebook with a Nvidia Geforce 220M graphic chip. I have the
>> following problem:
>> Sometimes(not everyday) a few time after working
>> with the computer, it is very difficult to change the window, if I want
>> to click somewhere outside the current window, nothing happens and I
>> have to right-click on the current window, then I can click on a
>> window-button in the the task bar and it appears, but this window also
>> doesn't response so I have to right-click first on the task bar and then
>> right-click on the window I want to use. Now I can use this window
>> simple, but if I want to change to another window, I have to do the 2
>> right-clicks again.I didn't know how to describe this in 3 words, so I
>> couldn't search the forums or
>> launchpad really.
>> I think this problem
>> mainly occurs when I use applications that are not coded for KDE mainly
>> (like Firefox, Chrome/Chromium and others) so I had the idea that there
>> could be a problem with the GTK-design or other GTK-integration
>> modules. Turning the desktop effects off doesn't help, I also tried 4
>> different graphic drivers(the after-installation-standard-driver,
>> nvidia-current, nouveau and the up-to-date driver from nvidia's site).
>> Because multitasking isn't funny with this problem, I also installed
>> Ubuntu 11.04 as dual-boot which usually works without problems, but in
>> one of 30 cases the same problem also happens to Ubuntu after a few
>> hours of working(I don't know if it comes from the same).
>> This problem really annoys me, because I really prefer KDE.
>> Does anyone know how to solve my problem or are any logs needed?
>> Regards,
>> Till
> i used to have that problem, but maybe once every couple of weeks. after
> upgrading to KDE 4.7 it's happening every single day every single
> hour... that and a large number of hard-to-explain annoyances happening
> in the task manager applet and in plasma in general.
> glad if anyone can offer any advice here...
> --
> Waleed K. Hamra
> Manager of Hamra Information Systems
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