nvidia trouble and breaking in a supposedly LTS release

Ric Moore wayward4now at gmail.com
Thu May 27 03:15:55 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-05-25 at 11:47 -0500, Eric Lee Elliott wrote:
> Gene
> > Heskett wrote:
> >> >  Good figures from glxgears is nice for bragging rights, but the real question
> >> >  is, will it do the job?  For this particular job, only the vesa driver works
> >> >  well.  And should I have a problem, dmesg doesn't bitch that my kernel is
> >> >  tainted.
> > Gene, isn't there an ASCII text front-end that would do the job for your
> > milling machine??? Then you'd have zilch for overhead if you could use
> > no desktop or X11.<grins>  Ric
> In my industrial experience, standard method regardless of hardware or 
> equipment used, is operator station does graphics, separate hardware 
> does machine control.  Many reasons for this, including operators 
> running music or games or ebay or booting operator station during operation.
> In your case, a computer w/o GUI could do control of machine & second 
> computer could do you.  Without any GUI, X11, network or video 
> installed, your machine might be run reliably at full speed with your 
> oldest computer.

That monster Unisys 5000-90 that I used to have had only 4 68020's in it
and about 1/2 gig of memory. But, it ran the Federal Courthouse in
Roanoke VA with about 20+ users and networked printers. The front-end to
it was an ASCII menu looking application, and reportedly it ran like a
charm. When I got it I understood why they were eager to get rid of it.
It cost me an additional $100 a month in electricity to run the darn
thing. It got unplugged toot-sweet. :) Ric

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