nvidia trouble and breaking in a supposedly LTS release

Eric Lee Elliott linux at ericelliott.us
Tue May 25 16:47:56 UTC 2010

> Heskett wrote:
>> >  Good figures from glxgears is nice for bragging rights, but the real question
>> >  is, will it do the job?  For this particular job, only the vesa driver works
>> >  well.  And should I have a problem, dmesg doesn't bitch that my kernel is
>> >  tainted.
> Gene, isn't there an ASCII text front-end that would do the job for your
> milling machine??? Then you'd have zilch for overhead if you could use
> no desktop or X11.<grins>  Ric

In my industrial experience, standard method regardless of hardware or 
equipment used, is operator station does graphics, separate hardware 
does machine control.  Many reasons for this, including operators 
running music or games or ebay or booting operator station during operation.
In your case, a computer w/o GUI could do control of machine & second 
computer could do you.  Without any GUI, X11, network or video 
installed, your machine might be run reliably at full speed with your 
oldest computer.


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