Kubuntu/Ubuntu does not remove everything from memory at shutdown

Reinhold Rumberger rrumberger at web.de
Sat Mar 20 02:01:09 UTC 2010

On Friday 19 March 2010, Steve Morris wrote:
> Reinhold, further to this issue I have now found and installed a
> Win 7 SoundBlaster Audigy driver supplied by the vendor
> (Creative. Their website said the supplied driver was for Win 7,
> Vista and Win XP) and this makes no difference to the problem,
> sound is still not available in Win 7 after restarting from
> Kubuntu.
> A further query on this front, given that sound in Win 7 works
> after rebooting from Mandriva and not from Kubuntu, Mandriva is
> using the CA0106 driver for the card and as far as I can
> determine Kubuntu is using the CA0106 driver for the card, given
> that in both situations the driver is supplied as part of the
> kernel and should be the same in both situations, what is
> different in Kubuntu's version of the driver that is causing the
> issue I am having?

Great. This makes for a way better starting point than that previous 
mess. :-)
Just out of curiosity and because I forget whether you already 
mentioned this: does sound work if you boot Kubuntu -> Win7 -> Win7? 
IOW, does Win7 properly reset the device in this situation?

I have no clue what patches Ubuntu applies/fails to apply that 
cause/fail to prevent this situation. You do, however, now have a 
situation where you can report this as a bug in launchpad.

First try to find out (using a live CD or something similar) whether 
this issue is fixed in the new Kubuntu 10.04 beta. If so, there's 
nothing much you can do apart from wait. If not, you should report 
this as a bug in launchpad:
Include your exact device description (not only for the sound card 
but preferably other important info like machine type, make and 
manufacturer, too) as well as which driver is being used. Point out 
that the problem exists in both your current install as well as the 
new beta. Also point out in which version of Mandriva this bug 
doesn't occur, especially since it uses the same kernel version as 
Karmic. If you have the time and resources, you may want to find out 
whether there is a fairly recent version of Kubuntu where this issue 
doesn't occur.
Use "ubuntu-bug alsa-base" to report the bug so that the developers 
have a more complete set of data. As ubuntu-bug will supply quite a 
large portion of the required info, you may want to look at what it 
wants to send before actually sending it and omit that from the 
actual report.

The more info you include the better your chances that this issue 
will be fixed.


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