Kubuntu/Ubuntu does not remove everything from memory at shutdown

Steve Morris samorris at netspace.net.au
Fri Mar 19 20:43:26 UTC 2010

On 13/03/10 22:48, Reinhold Rumberger wrote:
> On Saturday 13 March 2010, John DeCarlo wrote:
>> On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 5:56 PM, Steve Morris
> <samorris at netspace.net.au>wrote:
>>>     I am having an issue with Kubuntu/Ubuntu 9.10 on my tri-boot
>>>     system. If
>>> I shut Kubuntu down and warm boot into Win 7 I do not get any
>>> sound from windows or applications I run. To get sound in
>>> windows I have to shut Kubuntu down and boot into Mandriva
>>> because at shutdown it wipes everything from memory. What need
>>> to be done in Kubuntu to get it to wipe everything from memory
>>> at shutdown as Mandriva does?
>> Time to go back to the original question.  Only we know now that
>> the last two sentences are confusing, because it has nothing to
>> do with wiping memory.
>> My current guess is that Kubuntu is using your sound card
>> differently than Windows or Mandriva, and leaving just that card
>> in a state they don't like.
> That Win7 doesn't like. As he mentioned about an hour after your
> email, Mandriva likes it... ;-)
>> I would recommend going into System Settings ->  Multimedia, the
>> Devices tab and select Music.  I would one-by-one select the
>> output devices on the right and test them.  If more than one of
>> them work, I would choose a different default.
> The way I understand it, that only changes KDE's configuration, not
> how the underlying kernel configures and uses the card. So this would
> likely have absolutely no effect.
> (You're only configuring the output used, not its parameters.)
>    --Reinhold
Reinhold, further to this issue I have now found and installed a Win 7 
SoundBlaster Audigy driver supplied by the vendor (Creative. Their 
website said the supplied driver was for Win 7, Vista and Win XP) and 
this makes no difference to the problem, sound is still not available in 
Win 7 after restarting from Kubuntu.
A further query on this front, given that sound in Win 7 works after 
rebooting from Mandriva and not from Kubuntu, Mandriva is using the 
CA0106 driver for the card and as far as I can determine Kubuntu is 
using the CA0106 driver for the card, given that in both situations the 
driver is supplied as part of the kernel and should be the same in both 
situations, what is different in Kubuntu's version of the driver that is 
causing the issue I am having?


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