konqueror sessions

Reinhold Rumberger rrumberger at web.de
Fri Mar 5 09:03:50 UTC 2010

On Friday 05 March 2010, xPol wrote:
> I find konqueror saving sessions facility really unsatisfying:
> - Often, after having regularly logged out, at my logging in,
> konqueor complains that the last session crashed, prompting for
> recovering - Recovering sessions is seldom accomplished properly:
>  - sometimes the number of windows is doubled: two identical
> copies, showing the same list of tabs, are built (often the two
> copies are placed in two different desktops);
>  - sometimes some windows are missing, with no warning about what
> has happened
>  - a window is always placed in the last active desktop, as before
> logging off, rather than its proper place.
> Can anybody confirm those misbehaviours?

I most certainly can!

> How can i manually check and restore the automatically saved
> sessions?

I've had more success with manually saving sessions.
You can also try excluding konqueror from session management and use 
its built-in session management (File->Sessions). That would mean 
that you would have to manually load that session on every startup, 
and session loading isn't really implemented well...

In either case, you should probably report this to bugs.kde.org 
and/or vote for these bugs.

PS: About that akonadi error thing: there's been a rather recent 
thread about akonadi and you really don't provide any detail that 
could be used to help you...

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