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Tue Mar 2 03:50:15 GMT 2010

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Varun Jindal wrote:
> Hello Mr. Alan, Ms. Lindsay & everyone,
> * *
> I was looking forward to receive your emails. Thank you for your 
> guidance :)). Today, I am going to ask you some more questions...I 
> hope I will get their answers.. (I'll also search for them on Internet).
> * *
> To start with, I uninstalled Kubuntu 'application' from Windows and 
> installed it as an OS (side by side Windows). Here are some of my 
> questions:
> * *
> *1. *Kubuntu has no game. So, I downloaded the */package/*: kdegames 
> 3.5.10 from <> & saved it in 
> Windows . Then, opened KPackageKit > Software Management. In search 
> field, I typed: /media/disk/kdegames-3.5.10 . KPackageKit didn't 
> install anything but displayed “Waiting for service to start” (at the 
> bottom) even after 10 minutes.
> I even tried /media/disk/kdegames-3.5.10/kbounce for no luck! [kbounce 
> is a game inside kdegames].
Generally speaking, you don't download programs from outside 
KPackagekit, You search in the search bar for available packages. So, if 
you search for kdegames, you will find that package, select it , and 
install it. It will download everything you need and install it for you. 
This particular package will install all the KDE based games, and if you 
look you will find many others as well.

Clay Weber

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