HP Photosmart 2575 partial printing

cherryfinals cherryfinals at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 23 23:06:39 GMT 2010

Hi everyone!

I have a Kubuntu 9.10 setup with an HP Photosmart 2575 all-in-one printer. I've been printing files from Open Office and PDFs without a problem. 

Today, I tried to print a series of full-page (US Standard) 8.5"x11" photos.

First, I had some composite family photos that I assembled in Inkscape. Then I exported the Inkscape drawing to a PNG file. Finally, I just took one of my default JPG files and tried to print.

In every case, the printer got busy for a couple of minutes, then spit out the paper with only the top third of the image. Both the printer and the "Document Print Status" on the desktop said it was still processing, but even waiting for ten minutes made no difference. It refused to print the rest of the image.

I tried several other images at both 300dpi and 150dpi with exactly the same results.  

I did several searches on the Kubuntu Forums and found nothing similar mentioned. 

Anyone have any idea what is going on here?


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