Has Kubuntu become less stable?

Doug dmcgarrett at optonline.net
Sun Dec 26 06:00:22 UTC 2010

On 12/25/2010 06:39 PM, user1 wrote:
>> For the record, I'm not seeing any of the problems you describe, with
>> the exception of KOffice which for me is pretty much unuseable, but I
>> definitely would not count KDE4.6 as anything like as stable or reliable
>> as 3.5.4.
> I have been using kde since 3.x and has since been using 4.xx but then I
> got several problems, kmail did not work properly and I got some constant
> akonadi error messages and the setup of kde was difficult, so now I have
> left kde.
> I have both gnome, kde and unity (netbook) installed, and is now using
> the netbook as my default desktop and some kde -and gnome programs, and
> that works well for me.
> But that's not a good solution because you cannot expect linux newbies to
> use kde because of all those small problems and the constant changing of
> programs.
> Try to follow the articles "Interesting read about the future of Ubuntu"
> on  the ubuntu users mailing list, which is running just now.
> /snip/
There's KDE and there's KDE.  I looked at Kubuntu and puked.  I looked at
SuSE 11.x and puked.  That was after I already knew that KDE can be made
to work in a civilized fashion.  I have been using PCLINUXOS for  5 
months now,
in one major and one minor  release version, with KDE 4.5.4, and I love 
it.  (I
don't use KMail, so whatever problems you have with it, I cannot comment on.
It doesn't seem to be part of the standard install or the repo anyway.  
the developers know something you don't.)  (I used KMail up to Suse 10.0 
it started producing about 10% of the incoming messages in some Asian font,
which was unsalvageable.  Goodbye, forever, old KMail and pals. . . .)

Second comment: Ubuntu seems to want to do everything possible to distance
itself from anything that might be familiar.  It did that in 10.04 and 
10.10, with
putting _two_ systrays on the _top_ and the window control gadgets on the
wrong side.  Easily fixed, if and when you can find the fixes, but 
still. . . .

Third comment: I have PCLOS , Ubuntu, Debian, and MINT, as well as Win 
XP,  on a
laptop, and only Win XP and PCLOS can kill the scratchpad when you plug 
in a usb
pointing device.  (It comes naturally with XP. apparently, and synaptiks 
does it for
PCLOS.) No Deb distro or spinoff has synaptiks or anything that works, 
altho they
say they do. If I could get it working in MINT I might use that more.

Fifth comment: I tried one of the "four letter" GUIs--I don't remember 
if it was
LXDE or the other one--and it would not let me put any icons on the desktop.
I threw that CD out.  Any distro that forswears icons on desktop will be 
by me instantly.

So, somebody asks, why are you on the Kubuntu list?  Well, who knew? It 
have been improved over time, but from what I read, that hasn't happened.
I'm still on the SuSE list for the same reason.  My mind isn't 
closed--I'm willing
to look at Wayward, or whatever it's called, when they think it's ready 
for prime


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