Has Kubuntu become less stable?

user1 bqz69 at telia.com
Sat Dec 25 23:39:43 UTC 2010

> For the record, I'm not seeing any of the problems you describe, with
> the exception of KOffice which for me is pretty much unuseable, but I
> definitely would not count KDE4.6 as anything like as stable or reliable
> as 3.5.4.

I have been using kde since 3.x and has since been using 4.xx but then I 
got several problems, kmail did not work properly and I got some constant 
akonadi error messages and the setup of kde was difficult, so now I have 
left kde.

I have both gnome, kde and unity (netbook) installed, and is now using 
the netbook as my default desktop and some kde -and gnome programs, and 
that works well for me.

But that's not a good solution because you cannot expect linux newbies to 
use kde because of all those small problems and the constant changing of 

Try to follow the articles "Interesting read about the future of Ubuntu" 
on  the ubuntu users mailing list, which is running just now.

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