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Perry pwhite at
Wed Aug 18 17:49:31 UTC 2010

Le Wednesday 18 August 2010 07.17:42 Ric Moore, vous avez écrit (you wrote) :
> On Wed, 2010-08-18 at 06:38 +0200, Perry wrote:
> > Le Tuesday 17 August 2010 23.27:07 Ric Moore, vous avez écrit (you wrote) 
> > > On Tue, 2010-08-17 at 21:31 +0200, Perry wrote:
> > > > @ Ric Moore
> > > >
> > > > > Can you install the source file and then compile it with ant?? Ric
> > > >
> > > > Thanks Ric, but my problem is not about installing anything, it is
> > > > about not installing anything I shouldn't need to install.
> > >
> > > I meant the java program that you wish to run, that wants an older
> > > version of Java. Can you get the source of that program, recompile it
> > > with ant, instead of installing an older version of Java ...which might
> > > gum up everything else running with your newer version of Java. I use a
> > > very java intensive program named Wonderland. They distribute binaries,
> > > for the faint of heart, or the source code, which needs merely to be
> > > compiled. I have to use svn to get the latest trunk, which is no big
> > > deal. I then have the latest and greatest, built against my current
> > > version of Java. Just a thought and a suggestion, Ric
> >
> > Oh, I understand, very interesting suggestion.
> > I could try but I'm not sure the guy who wrote (is still writing) the
> > program wants to share the code (now), and not sure he cares enough for
> > linux to spend much time.
> > OTOH he probably would be happy If we could find out what the problem is,
> > or if
> >
> > he could reassure the user about this warning in the case Michael was 
right :
> > >>I haven't used jnlp much, but I doubt if it is integrated into the
> > >>debian packaging system.  I suspect it was going to download java 1.5
> > >>and put it somewhere, but not do an official install.
> >
> > What I will do is probably to try it on my old Jaunty partition, it is
> > waiting to be replaced by some newer version and I don't care much about
> > it.
> Let me know how it plays out. Since most java stuff is pretty much cross
> platform, it's less a matter of whether he's interested in Linux as if
> he will let you have the code. If it's an open source/development
> project, a nightly build is usually available from the website. Then you
> just compile it. If it's a closed project, you're stuck. Ric
Open or closed project? I believe for now it's only an internal tool to help 
for a specific task done in a non profit organization and I've been told not to 
share it because it is still under development. I don't want to hassle the guy 
with my (non solicited) help as a beta tester under Linux but I will post him 
a link to this thread in the archives and see what comes out.

Does the above answer your "Let me know how it plays out" or were you 
interested in knowing about my trials on the old Jaunty partition?
Here is how it went:

Instructive or disappointing (what did I learn?) the program ran without 
asking to download an older version of java. That was under version
So either the program wants (instead of or the bug that 
prevents the correct interpretation of the resource <j2se version="1.6+" /> is 
only in Karmic, not in Jaunty nor M$.

I may try to upgrade the Java version on my old Jaunty and see what happens, 
although I know any change with Java might be either extremely easy or difficult 
for me.

Cheers		Perry

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