Java wants to download an older version (SOLVED)

Perry pwhite at
Sat Aug 28 09:50:29 UTC 2010

Le Wednesday 18 August 2010 19.49:31 Perry, vous avez écrit (you wrote) :
> Instructive or disappointing (what did I learn?) the program ran without 
> asking to download an older version of java. That was under version
> So either the program wants (instead of or
>  the bug that prevents the correct interpretation of the resource <j2se
>  version="1.6+" /> is only in Karmic, not in Jaunty nor M$.
> I may try to upgrade the Java version on my old Jaunty and see what
>  happens,  although I know any change with Java might be either extremely
>  easy or difficult for me.
Well, it worked under Jaunty with upgraded Java, and that was easy.
Back on Karmic I finally *dared to* agree on the requester that the application 
wanted to download an older version of Java... and it failed in doing so, 
telling me that I had to download it manually (but what was it I had to 

Further comparisons between Jaunty and Karmic settings led me to notice that 
on Karmic the checkbox for activating JRE in the Java-Configuration-Panel was 
unchecked (strangely enough this did not prevent other java apps to work, in 
particular map24 could display a separate window)

Cheers		Perry

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