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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Thu Apr 22 11:22:38 BST 2010

On 22 April 2010 10:54, William Hamra <w.hamra1987 at> wrote:
> On 22/04/10 09:34, Donatas G. wrote:
>> Has anybody tried to use Kmail in a way to mimic Gmail, so that the
>> mails would be displayed in conversation mode (I mean, not just the
>> mailing list threads, but also the regular sent/received mail?) Is
>> this possible, and what are the drawbacks?
> can't say much about kmail specifically, i am a thunderbird user here,
> but i can tell about gmail. you can set every folder to use threading.
> this can be done in kmail's preferences. but what cant be achieved is
> having the sent & received of same subject grouped together in same
> thread UNLESS they both have same label, in which case both will be in
> the folder of that label.
>> I realize that when using labels with dimap every single message would
>> be downloaded more than one time, am I right?
> yes, if a message has more than onelabel, it will be downloaded twice, a
> copy for each *folder* as kmail will understand it. and no matter what
> label, every message will have a copy in the "all mail" folder.
> here is how i solve this, i read over a dozen tutorials, guides and tips
> for have a successful IMAP setup for gmail. almost all were for
> thunderbird, but the part i'll explain here can be achieved on kmail
> with ease. though it will mean you have to change a bit of your emailing
> habits, if you don't mind.
> here, i ensure that every single email i'll receive can be labelled
> something. if an email is totally random, and i have no idea what to
> label it, i have a label called "various" for it. i have google labs
> enabled in my gmail account, and in particular, the advanced IMAP
> feature enabled. this gives me the option to choose, from within gmail's
> web interface, which labels i want to make available for IMAP.
> i choose to remove "All Mail" from the list, if every message has a
> label, then every message must exist in at least 1 folder, there's no
> need to download it a second time. messages that won't appear here are
> message "archived" in "All Mail", and have no label, hence why the
> previous reasons i mentioned above.
> secondly, i create filters. a lot of filters for the various labels i
> have. even though this can be kept simple, and you yourself move the
> messages from inbox to their folder, but at the very least, have a
> kubuntu label and filter, and everything else gets sent to "various".
> additionally, since my connection is not very fast, messages with
> attachments can be troublesome. so every message that has "FW:" in its
> subject, and has an attachment, must be some big bulky forward message i
> don't want and gets sent to "Forward", which is set to not be available
> on IMAP. i check them every few weeks using the web interface.
> hope this message is helpful to get you starting. i must remind you,
> it's all about personality and personalization. some people like simple,
> some people need complexity. some people don't mind the additional
> messages, some people are crippled by bandwidth, it's all about YOU, and
> YOU like things to be :)

For Gmail-like flat threading in Kmail, comment on this bug:

Willy, you want this for Thunderbird:
GMail Conversation View

Dotan Cohen

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