glacial window management on karmic

Chris Jones christopher.rob.jones at
Sat Oct 31 19:40:11 UTC 2009


> Looking in the hardware drivers tool, it says that the ATI/AMD  
> proprietary
> fglrx driver is "activated but not currently in use". I don't see  
> any way
> to activate it (nor do I know whether that would be a good idea,  
> although I
> *think* that it was being used in jaunty).

I suspect not using fglrx is your problem. I had a very similar issue  
on some other machines (not ubuntu, Scientific Linux, but I doubt that  
matters in this case). By default after installation they did not use  
flgrx, even though they had ATI hardware. Graphics performance was  
terrible, like you describe. Switching to the fglrx driver fixed it.

I suggest you try figuring out how to enable that driver.  
Unfortunately I don't have any hardware running ubuntu 9.10 with ATI  
video, so cannot really help much. Maybe someone who does can.


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