glacial window management on karmic

D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Sat Oct 31 20:06:58 UTC 2009

Chris Jones said the following at 10/31/2009 01:40 PM :
> Hi,
>> Looking in the hardware drivers tool, it says that the ATI/AMD  
>> proprietary
>> fglrx driver is "activated but not currently in use". I don't see  
>> any way
>> to activate it (nor do I know whether that would be a good idea,  
>> although I
>> *think* that it was being used in jaunty).
> I suspect not using fglrx is your problem. I had a very similar issue  
> on some other machines (not ubuntu, Scientific Linux, but I doubt that  
> matters in this case). By default after installation they did not use  
> flgrx, even though they had ATI hardware. Graphics performance was  
> terrible, like you describe. Switching to the fglrx driver fixed it.
> I suggest you try figuring out how to enable that driver.  
> Unfortunately I don't have any hardware running ubuntu 9.10 with ATI  
> video, so cannot really help much. Maybe someone who does can.

After several forced reboots caused by an uncountable number of crashes of
system-related KDE applications (I suppose probably all I really needed to
do was log out each time, but I'm paranoid), the system seems much more
stable now (meaning, no crashes in the past ten minutes)... and I noticed
that windows are zippy again... and on investigation, the fglrx driver is
now being used. I never did find out a way for me to configure it to be used.

I seem to recall that when I did the hardy -> jaunty upgrade, although the
detailed symptoms were different, it took several reboots before the system
was stable enough for use. I had forgotten that, but the pain of the past
couple of hours reminded me.



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